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Why Are You Here?

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

Why Are You Here?

Why are you here?

Good question.

There is a specific answer.

If you read the post, “Who Am I,” then you know that you’re here to fulfill your unique mission.

(If you have not read the post, “Who Am I,” please stop now. Go back and read, “Who Am I,” before proceeding).

It’s not my mission nor anyone else’s. It’s your unique mission in life.

The one chosen and given to you.

How you carry out that mission is up to you.

While you are not alone…at birth, you were given a brain, a mind to use.

To create, adjust and recreate.

To learn – grow and mature.

Does that mean you will make mistakes along the way? Of course!

But we learn from our mistakes just as much, if not more, than from formal training and doing things right.

In other words, its okay to be human and make mistakes – especially since we learn from them.



It all begins with thought – and our Free Will to choose.

Free Will – you’ve heard that short phrase before – simply means the freedom to choose.

And choice begins with thought.

Your thoughts – every thought.

We have the Free Will to choose our thoughts.

Does that mean that thoughts will pop into our minds that we do not want? Of Course.

Free Will, however, means we have the power to kick those thoughts out, work to keep them away, and expand on the thoughts we want.

What does this Free Will to choose thoughts have to do with my mission in life?

Good question.

By grasping this truth – it all begins with our thoughts – and the truths to follow, you will clear out all the rubble and misguidance that continues to confuse you.

You will learn how to focus your thoughts.

And once you’ve mastered this process – which surprisingly doesn’t take long – your mission in life will become clearer.

The Free Will to Choose your thoughts.

Attitude is the foundation of thoughts. It is our point of view in life. If we have a good attitude – point of view – our thoughts will be uplifting, encouraging and exciting about life.

Each day of life. Each moment of each day. We will wake in the morning excited about the day which lies ahead.

Even in the midst of unpleasant activities and events, if our attitude of life is positive, our thoughts will be so a well.

On the other hand, if our point of view – attitude – is not positive, if we look for things and people to criticize, our thoughts will do so as well. We will look for the wrong in people, in circumstances, and in ourselves. We will build and fill our lives on negative rubble that, one day, most assuredly, will crumble.

Then, of course, thoughts of failure will flood our minds and the circumstances – which we created with our attitude and subsequent thoughts – will slide us down a rapidly descending slop where success in life dies a slow dark death.

Therefore, to fulfill our unique mission in life, we must from this point forward, take on a positive attitude about life in general, and our life in particular. Remember every life, including and especially ours, is a gift from God.

So, as the song says, “be happy,” and look for the positive, joy filled, exciting, encouraging, uplifting events, and people in your life…at all times and in all places. In fact, from this point forward, let the attitude of your life, the thoughts in your mind, the words of your mouth, the actions of your daily living be in an attitude of gratitude for your life and everyone else’s life around you.

With this, attitude of gratitude thinking, for all that you are and have, you’ll discover not only the good in others, but the very good in yourself. Your natural abilities, talents, and unique skills will surface – the rubble of negative thinking being eliminated from your thought process. And as they surface, you will become focused on them, and by so doing discover the waiting arms of, here to for, unimagined opportunity.

Our natural abilities, talents, and unique skills are even, often, a shock to us. We think because carrying out certain tasks are easy for and enjoyable to us, they must be for everyone.

This is not the case. It is precisely because of our natural abilities, talents, and unique skills that we are so good at doing and enjoy so much carrying out certain tasks in life.

So, let’s take a moment here for personal reflection.

Don’t skip over this. Don’t pass it by promising to come back later.

The forces of positive good are working, for you, right now. Answer the questions.

This will take some time. Don’t get in a hurry. Take your time. Be thorough. Most people start and then work on this list several times – thinking about it as they carry out other activities. Some keep it private, while others share it with one or more close friends. pen a separate page on your browser or take a few sheets of paper and write them down…questions and answers.

The Creative Eternal You: A beginning

1. What do you like? (List everything you like in each category)

a. Food

b. Drink

c. Clothing

d. Shelter

e. Climate

f. People

g. Groups of people

h. Life in general

i. Other categories you want to add here

2. What do you like to do?

a. Working

i. What parts do you like the best?

ii. Why do you think you like those parts the best?

iii. Other positive points you would like to add here.

b. Playing

i. Do you like sports?

1. What sports?

2. What part of each sport do you like the best?

3. Do you like to watch, participate or both?

4. If you could play a sport for a living, which one would it be?

ii. Do you enjoy outdoor activities?

1. Why do you think you enjoy those activities?

2. Which ones do you enjoy the best?

iii. Do you enjoy music and the arts…theatre, concerts?

1. Do you go often?

2. Which do you prefer?

3. Does it make you happy to attend?

3. What are you really good at doing?

a. Why do you think you’re really good at that?

b. Do you enjoy doing that?

c. Is it fun for you?

d. Does it make you happy?

4. What or whom would you like to be?

a. In regard to a Vocation

b. In regard to a Profession

c. In regard to a Business

d. Will it take additional education?

e. Other additional positive points you would like to add here.

5. Where would you like to live?

a. Location

i. Why would you like to live there?

ii. What would be the best part of living there?

b. Will it require a change?

c. Will you be by yourself?

d. Do you think you will be happier there then where you are now?

6. What would you like to be doing five years from now?

a. Living where?

b. Doing what?

7. What would you like to be doing then years from now?

a. Living where?

b. Doing what?

As you can see now, this is not an exhaustive list. That is why you were invited to add additional positive points in several if not all the various headings. However, it is a very good start on discovering The real Creative Eternal You.

Once you compile all your answers to each of the questions, in addition to the ones you’ve added, look for the common thread. That little truth, about you, that runs through your answers. Don’t worry. Don’t put pressure on yourself. That little truth, about you, will emerge.

It may become obvious right from the beginning of your review. Then again, you may have to look for it…but I suspect not. More often than not, that common thread becomes very obvious once you start looking back at all of your answers.

It may be a common thread character trait, or perhaps something you do even without thinking that’s good for everyone around you. Sometimes, when I’ve helped others in the past, vocations or profession emerge – plain as sun on your face. You won’t be surprised about what is revealed or emerges. Because, basically you known this about yourself all your life. The only difference is now you are acknowledging it and celebrating this very important part of you.

Remember attitude? What we are looking for here is that which you do well – because you are really good at do it- and at the same time makes you happy. Happy is a key word here. Does it make you happy?

Now, I suspect, you are making good progress in understanding this eternal truth.

When we combine Who We Are – with a positive Attitude of Gratitude our Thoughts and Actions; those natural abilities, talents, and unique skills – begin to help us focus on Our Uniqueness. Our specialty. Our importance. Our Eternal Self.

Combining all that is above will lift our horizons, broaden our view, and give us glimpses into this one eternal truth:

· That we, you and I, are something very special.

· That not only are we endowed with certain unalienable rights – the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness – but that we have already been equipped with all that is required to reach any goal, climb any mountain, swim any ocean, walk through any storm.

· That there is nothing that can stop a focused, well-equipped, purpose driven human being who knows the truth…because

· That truth has set that eternal being, in human form, free to be all that God designed him or her to be – which is far more then he or she could ever be by herself or himself.

Eternal being in Human form? Right on!

Remember….” Before the foundation of the world was laid, God chose you to live at this time and in this place…?” You are, in fact, wherever you are in this world, a, “Resident Alien,” This world is not your permanent home. You are here for a short time. You are passing through. What you do with your life, however, if it be doctor, lawyer, business worker or entrepreneur, drive an ambulance or dump-truck, politician, minister or other – what you do with your life will leave an unmistakable imprint.

After answering all the questions listed above, and the ones you added, fill in the following statements:

After much personal reflection, conscious decision and spiritual meditation, I’ve come to the conclusion that who I am in life, and what I do has to do with:______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

For this reason, I intend to focus, for the next five years on:_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

In five years I will be:_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

In Ten Years I will be:----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Good For You!

Now Move On TO: “What Am I Going To Do About It!”

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