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My name is Robert Paul Durham Sr. Right, there is a junior.

College students, years ago, started calling me Dr. Bob which was quickly picked up by the entire community and beyond. So, that’s where the Dr. Bob comes from. Yes, I have an earned doctorate degree. Check out my resume below if you want

I want to talk about you.  

My goal here is to help you understand how very important you are, and help you achieve great success in life while enjoying your happiness.  Pretty simple right?

Let me ask you, have you ever said:

  • I don’t know if I’m equipped to make it big in life and be happy at the same time.

  • I’ve had a very busy and challenging life; I don’t know if I have time left to make it big in life and be happy.

  • I’ve made so many mistakes in life, I don’t know if success and happiness is possible.

  • I don’t know if I have any exceptional talent to help me be successful and happy.

  • I don’t have anyone to guide me into both happiness and success.

If you have ever had these thoughts, then you are in the right place.

There are six very important facts, about the successful and happy life, they don’t teach you in public schools.

You may be added to my exclusive email by clicking on one of the pictures in the "Blog," section of this site. I'll also give you a 6 page Workbook, "Why am I here."     

So why should you listen to me. Good Question. Here’s the Answer:

  • I’ve been where you are.

  • Through Years of Research and Life, I Found the Answers you’re looking for.

  • I Formalized that Training and Experience and taught in a formal setting over two thousand college students and in an informal one hundreds more.       

  • I’m on a mission, a calling, to share this wonderful good news with you.

Here’s how, “The Creative Eternal You,” Blog on, this site  will help you:

  • Understand, you existed elsewhere before coming here.

  • Realize How important you are.

  • Discover Why you are so important.

  • Understand how to become successful.

  • Celebrate in the happiness of success and life in general.

I’m here to help you discover your great importance.

Who made you so important

  • Why did you become important

I’m here to help you understand the steps to success

  • How to train your mind to success

  • How to choose successful words and actions

I’m here to show you what it means to be truly happy and successful at the same time.  

We will journey together, excited about your future where you will become the expert you’ve always wanted to be. The well-respected person others listen to for advice. The successful, happy you. The Creative Eternal You.      

If you’d like to learn more, and change your life, keep reading my Blog. Click on one of the pictures in the Blog, and I'll download a 6 page Workbook for you titled, "Why Am I Here." 

Check out this site and eventually move into the Blog

This is the beginning of the new, prosperous, happy you.

Have fun.

Dr. Bob Durham


Rev. Dr. Bob Durham is a retired Elder, member in full connection of the North Georgia Conference, The United Methodist Church.  During his tenure, he served as; Pastor of local congregations, and on several conference boards, agencies and commissions.


He is a graduate of Kentucky Wesleyan College with degrees in Psychology and Sociology.  He holds a Masters of Divinity degree from Emory University’s Candler School of Theology, and a Doctorate of Ministry degree from United Theological Seminary in Dayton, Ohio.

Prior to entering the ministry, Bob’s decorated Vietnam experience, and twelve year corporate career afforded him the opportunity to be appointed by the Mayor, and County Judge of Louisville, Kentucky, as a Committee Chairperson, and member of the Executive Committee of the Human Relations Commission.  He served two terms on the Board of Directors of Sales and Marketing Executives International.  He was the incorporating and founding president of the Paulding County Association of Retarded Citizens, and served as consultant to the Paulding county Board of Education’s Special Education Department.  An honored, head table, guest at the Foundation for Exceptional Children’s twentieth anniversary dinner, for his years of work in this field, Bob’s, mission is to involve worshiping congregations, of all faiths, with the mentally challenged through his, “Kimbel Durham Foundation for Special Ministries.” Founder and, Editor in Chief, of, Grace Publications L.L.C., he is the author of three books, lecturer, speaker, on campus Adjunct Professor of Religion and Ethics at Reinhardt University, Georgia Perimeter College and on line Instructor/Facilitator for Orange Lutheran Online, The University of Phoenix (Certified Advanced Facilitator -caf),  and Troy University of Alabama. He is an online course creator, (Subject Matter Expert - sme), for SAVANT of Nashville Tennessee.

Bob also hosts, FBI (Friday Breakfast at IHOP), on highway #92 in Woodstock, Georgia, each Friday morning. "Have a chat with Dr. Bob.” Get involved in the Blog and change your life forever. 

Bob lives north of Atlanta, Georgia with family.  

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