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We Honor Them

With Reverence and Deep Respect

Tired of living under an oppressive government, a little over two-hundred years ago a group of courageous men declared Freedom.

Freedom to think independently.

Freedom to be all that each wanted to be in life.

Freedom to be all that God wanted them to be.

Freedom to, “Speak Up,” and express their opinions.

Freedom to, “Show Up,” and express their points of view.

Freedom to, “Worship,” God without hindrance, restraint, or persecution.

Freedom to, “Form a more perfect union…”

They knew there would be a price to pay, these men of courage.

There is always a price to pay when Freedom rebels against terrine.

And from that moment that rocked the cages and broke the chains, grew The United States of America.

There was a price to pay back then.

In fact, from that moment forward, even up to today, men and women have answered the call, dawned the uniform, completed training and fought for that freedom.

An uncountable number have lost their lives on the battlefield. But they are not forgotten.

On the contrary, today we honor them. Men and women alike.

We salute them in deep reverence and with the utmost respect.

And we thank them immensely.

Many made it through the war they fought in defending that Freedom.

To each of them we say a hardy, “Welcome Home.” We are glad you made it home.

We also honor you. Salute you. And reverence your service with the utmost respect.

Being all that God want’s you to be has never been easy or safe.

But it is Eternal.

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