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Who Are You? Expanded!

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

Who Are You?

Or, if you prefer, Who Am I?

This is a great question that has been asked by every deep-thinking human being in this generation.

If fact, it has been asked in every generation down through the ages by those seeking success in life.

The Good News is, there is an answer, they discovered it, and so can you.

In other words, there is an answer, and we have it.

And, if you have the answer then you will know who you are - and if you know who you are then you can move ahead, in life, with great confidence knowing success lies ahead…is assured.

This Good News, in fact, will set you free to be all that you want to be - even more.

It will explode your mind and launch dreams that will come true. Your dreams. Your visions.

So, let’s take this short walk together, from darkness into light and discover the real you.

Physical You (Body and Mind)

Of course, in this physical realm you are a mammal with many of the same physical characteristics of other animals – hair, mammary glands, single-boned lower jaw, one-time tooth replacement, three bones in the middle ear, warm blooded metabolism, diaphragms, four chambered hearts, - you get the picture.

So, without question, there is an animal side to you.

Perhaps you have heard others pontificate on the subject and insist that we rid ourselves of the animal nature and instincts within us. That would be impossible. That would be getting rid of half of our existence the part our eternal existence lives in. To discipline and control that nature and those instincts is something to be discussed. And so, we will deal with the part of us in a later post. But for now, lets move on.

We cover our bodies with clothing to keep warm when the air is cold and wear less when it is not. We live in proximity with others for many social reasons. And though while we come into the world unique, in many different ways, from other mammals…and human beings - we strive, most of our lives, to be just like everyone else.

Since, while in this physical condition, we cannot reach up and touch the sky with our hands, others assure us any attempt to do so with our minds is a simple waste of valuable time.

All too often, simply to get along with ourselves and not disturb others, we cover the innate question that bids us, “come”, “seek”, “knock,” and settle for less. Thus, losing the freedom that would fulfill our dreams.

In short, we miss the answer of a lifetime simply because we become too timid to ask.

Spiritual You (The HAPPY Creative Eternal You)

The part of you that has always been and will always be is eternal.

In other words, in the spiritual realm, there has never been a time when you were not. Nor will there be a time when you are no more.

Now we are getting a little deep here, so let’s break this down into small digestible pieces.

Philosophy is the word we use when thinking of and discussing deep thinking. Under the umbrella of Philosophy, (deep thinking), there are categories and sub-categories: Ethics (study of conduct)

Metaphysics (study of nature)

Aesthetics (study of art)

Epistemology (study of knowledge)

Politics (study how society should be organized and governed)

Logic (study of reasoning)

You can also break it down into these categories:

Psychology (study of the individual)

Sociology (study of communities of individuals)

Anthropology (study of human culture, societies and their development)

Religion (study of human interaction with and belief in the divine)

And more. Much more.

You can break it down and talk about ethics, morals and other categories.

In other words, whenever we think deep thoughts and ask questions, philosophy has a category for them.

Since the dawn of time – through cave drawings that go back far as we have discovered - there has been one portion, one part of this list, one question, one belief.

It is the belief in something more. More than us.

This, mysterious something more has been called and referred to by many names, all of which elevate deep thinking beyond mere physical existence and into the immeasurable world of spirituality.

This unmeasurable, unbridled something else is, more often than not, referred to, for lack of a better name or description, as God.

In fact, the five major religions of the world, including minor ones, refer to this something other as God.

And each, in one way or the other, teaches that God is good, gracious, kind, wants the best for us, is for us, and wants us to experience and recognize the fullness of God’s Grace, which is the unmerited, unearned love of God.

In other words, there is nothing we must do to earn God’s Grace, nor is there anything we can do to chase it away. It is here. Where can we go where God is not? The answer, we are taught is nowhere. If we ascend into the heavens, God is there. If we descend into the bowls of the deep, go eternally to the left or right, God is there.

Simply stated, God’s Grace is in whom we find our very existence. It is the air we breathe. And it is good.

So, once again, forget all the conversations about how God is a mean old man out to get us, or a mythological creature who moves us around like players on a chess board. God, or this something other, is good, inviting and for us.

So, here we go now into a major truth.

You were chosen to be here.

By whom?

That’s a fair question and deserves and honest answer.

Here goes….

Before the foundation of the world was laid, God chose you to live at this time and in this place. God could have chosen to give you life at the time of Gandhi, Abraham, Alexander the Great, Ishmael, George Washington, Isaac, Moses, Nasser, Buddha, Jesus or Muhammad. God could have chosen to give you life at the time of Napoleon or Genghis Khan – this is the time God chose to give you life.

God called you forward from God’s own self, molded you in that secret place in your mother’s womb - in the fullness of time - birthed you into God’s world, breathed into you the breath of life and placed you in the arms of a caretaker to take care of you until you could grow, mature and learn to take care of yourself. You may have been a surprise to your parents…you were not a surprise to God. You may even have been an accident to your parents…you were not an accident to God. God chose you to live at this time and in this place…first and foremost – you are a child of God.

You were with God in the spiritual realm before coming here and you are in God now as you live and breathe and find your being, your existence, in this physical world.

You are not alone.

And let’s be sure here…God did not call you into the world to take up space.

God called you into the world to fulfill a mission -- your mission – your ministry.

The reason you are here.

It might be to stand on a stage and perform. It might mean to sit at a desk and write. Your mission might be to invent or alter existing procedures. Bring children into the world. Teach. Discover. Count or plant seeds in the minds of others.

We know that human beings are at their very best when they are creating. Creating computer software, creating courses, Creating buildings. Creating lesson plans. You name it – Creating is part of you. It is a major part of you…given to you by your Creator.

Discover this special mission of yours, given to you by God, and the heavens will break lose to help you fulfill your destiny.

We will discuss this later in another post.

However, for now, keep this in mind: the legacy you leave behind will cause those who come after you to take note of your accomplishments.

Why Me?

Good question.

Only God can answer that one.

However, I suspect it has something to do with your eternal desire to please God. To show your gratitude for life.

For choosing you to live at this time and in this place.

To have a unique mission to fulfill.

To have a purpose for being – a destiny - a Legacy to leave behind.

And, in later posts, I will not only help you discover your unique mission but show you the steps you will need to take in order to fulfill your destiny.

Well, you might ask, what gives you this special insight into the mission of others.

It’s a fair question and deserves and honest answer.

So far in life, I’ve spent fifteen years climbing the corporate later and creating management development programs, twenty years as an ordained minister serving and leading congregations with many hours counseling, and twenty years teaching over five thousand students in colleges and universities (when registrars gave me this total count of students I’ve had the honor and privilege of teaching, I was shocked).

Later I thought, I must be doing something right.

What do I teach? This stuff we are talking about: Ethics, Values, Principals, World Religions, Vocations, callings, missions, destinies, legacies. The fact that you are unique, special, have purpose, meaning, and a mission to fulfill.

Think about it.

What if you could wake up in the morning, full of excitement and anticipation, because that entire day will be spent doing what you want to do. Spent, step by step, making progress. Fulfilling your destiny.

Let me share something else with you.

When your life is wrapped around by meaning and purpose, there is a joy, a happiness that fills your entire being.

You live above the turmoil of negative storm waves in that state of assurance and peace.

You attract positive thinking people who want to journey with you.

You are a magnet of gratitude to whom people, and all the positive forces of creation, cling.

There is nothing like it.

There are no drugs or chemicals that even come close to this high.

Because this high is not made with human hands alone.

It is made – or better yet…discovered along the journey, from darkness into light.

From mere existence into prosperity.

This is the journey of living The Creative Eternal, You.

I’m excited that my classroom has expanded beyond the walls of campus and even online scheduled classes.

Excited that we can now dialogue and learn from each other.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be posting more on this blog, building an exclusive email list, making a few video posts and perhaps, if allowed, posting videos of future luncheon and keynote speeches.

What a wonderful time to be alive. The computer and other social media devices have opened doors to communication previously closed. Future Hope is a reality where men and women, around the world are taught and encouraged to dream dreams…because dreams can come true.

• So, let’s review quickly, to see if I’ve made myself clear. Make sure you understand. You are a unique creation given life at this time, and in this place to fulfill a particular mission.

• You are totally gifted, already, to fulfill that mission.

• You have been given unique talents to help you and the assurance of guidance along the way.

• In other word, you are a Child of God.

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