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The Invitation - The Right Choice

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

The Invitation

The Right Choice

Words are inadequate.

They fall far too short of the goal.

To even attempt their usage in describing the sequence of events pails in the face of eternal memory. The best word craftier of all time would miss the mark.

But, before it’s too late, I will try.

Forgive me for not conveying the awesomeness, the magnitude, the joy and celebration, the Grace remembered.

In Heaven, I was a spirit without specific form, erect, in line, with other spirits on either side of me. There were many rows of spirits behind me stretching out on either side each waiting to be invited. The row I was in moved forward. We were now the front row. A hand was extended to me. An invitation to move forward. I was invited to come forward, if I wanted, to experience life as a human being on Earth. It was my time. But it was my choice.

Accepting the invitation, I moved forward while the inviting hand motioned for me to go through an open-door archway. And as I went through that open space a white robe, like an Alb, was draped down over my spirit giving me form.

I found myself in large room filled with what I can best describe as lockers. Each with a stack of what appeared to be magazines stacked on top of one another. I knew these were the chapters in the lives of each of us going to Earth.

I could not see what was in the chapters of the others who had waited in line with me. But I could see that some stacks were taller than others. Some would be on Earth longer than others.

Then I looked into my locker and saw the high stack of chapters. But I could also see what was in each chapter. And I was appalled and embarrassed. I would do those things while on Earth? Why? I was ashamed to ask.

Because I was hesitant to move forward, out of that room, through another archway and into openness, the One who had invited me, who was with me, assured me, it was okay.

And so we moved forward, together, through that other archway and out into the vast openness where, already lined up in rows to my left were other spirits clocked in Albs waiting their turn. Escorted to the front of the rows I was handed a white cap which I accepted and immediately began to shape to my own liking before placing it on my head. The One who handed me the cap assured me, again, that what I had seen in the chapters of my life was not to worry me. And while His assurance did not erase what I had seen, the knowledge that He knew seemed to give me peace.

And then the low hum of Angel Wheels came rolling up to our gathering. There were several of them, each under the direction of the One standing in front. The One who had given me the Cap the One who had assured me all was well.

And then I moved out into beautiful vast openness and saw what appeared to be hundred off what can best be described as escalators, interspersed with some moving down and others coming back up. On each were spirits like myself with Angel Wheels rolling down on the outside of the escalators beside each of us. One on either side of me as I descended through the breathtakingly beautiful vastness and clouds into time and space and Earth.

Spirit and body molded together as one in that secret place in my mother’s womb, turned, moved down and out into the open. Separated; frightened, and most likely already homesick, I was welcomed into the world by the loving arms of many, including my mother. You'll have to forgive me, it's a day my mind does not remember, but my spirit surely does.

In fact, the first thing I remember on Earth – the very first emotion – was one of jealousy. I watched as my Mother nursed a baby. And while I couldn't put a label on the emotion at the time, I didn't like it. The baby had just been slapped on the cheek as it nursed, and I was told not to bite. Shocked! Because I had never been slapped before…ever. And then, the next thing I knew, I was watching Mom nurse another baby. I had never seen that baby before, and I didn't like the fact that it was nursing where I was supposed to be. That was my Mom, not someone else's. Also, my cheek hurt for some unknown reason. But soon my cheek stopped hurting, the baby was gone, and I was back where I was supposed to be nursing, feeling warm and loved again.

Occasionally during my early childhood years, the memory of these events surfaced, but I never said anything to anyone. I felt sure, back then, that these types of experiences happened to everyone, and they remembered them while they were babies. I'm still convinced, even more so today. For just as I suppressed these memories for years and kept silent for fear of being laughed at or ridiculed, I'm convinced others do the same. Probably even you.

I never thought life for me as a young boy growing up in Fairmont was that unusual. Maybe in that regard I was wrong.

I’m still working on the stack.

I am not allowed to look ahead though, believe me, I’ve tried.

Time, here, does not permit a discussion concerning the number of planners I’ve purchased and used over the years. Each promising a sound handle on my organized future. Each falling short of the stated goal.

Of course, learning what is important in life, and what is not…prioritizing relationship and tasks – is part of the life of anyone who wants to live a good life worthy of the invitation. And, like you I’m sure, I’ve picked up a lot of this over the years here on Earth.

Time is described many ways. But, I’ve learned, it is simply a portion. A small manageable amount. What we, in the human condition, can handle.

Two days at once would be too much – an overload that would break us in to. And so, time, for us, is broken up. One day at a time.

One day at a time is what we were designed to live. One day at a time is enough, the right portion.

I’ve learned that each day is all I can handle. So, I’ve learned to live one day at a time.

And I’m assured, every day and night here on Earth - that the One who invited me has never left my sidenot for a second – and because of our closeness, whatever, I’m okay. I’m forgiven. And I’m expected back home – whenever the invitation to return comes.

Now, I realize I’ve taken quite a risk here putting this down in written form.

It, of course, would be safer keeping all this to myself. Remembering. Enjoying each day of life regardless of what comes my way. Walking in the assurance of knowing where I came from, who I am, and what I’m doing about it.

And, for sure, that has been the case for many years of my life here on Earth.

But, time, those daily portions, are adding up and, according to the average life span of this human form, there appears to be more years in the past then in the future.

Which caused the question of sharing, bouncing around in this brain of mine, to come forward and be answered. Yes, share. No, keep it to myself.

At last, I realized it was, once again, a simple invitation. My decision. My choice. Either response would be Okay.

Free will, I’ve discovered, is just that. The right to choose.

And with that right to choose, while in this imperfect human condition, some choices will be wrong. Mistakes.

And if we are held responsible for each wrong decision or mistake, then our life stack is against us. Our human experience is stacked against us.

But that is not the case. Those Free Will decisions that are wrong, mistakes, are used as guides to teach us how to make more right choices. We’ve all heard the phrase, “you learn through your mistakes,” it’s true. Even, and most especially, in Heavenly, places.

So, I made the choice to share.

And, again, I do not believe I’m alone.

I believe we all came from that ultimate reality spirit world often referred to as Heaven. That we stood erect with others until the invitation was given and it was our time. Our choice. Our decision. And each of us chose to accept the invitation into life here on Earth.

Of course, we didn’t know what to expect.

But we knew our life, on Earth, would mean so much to the One, that we were eager and accepted the invitation knowing the One would always be with us, whatever.

Well, that’s it. I’ve shared what words will allow.

Maybe you can do better. I invite you to try.

Of course, we both know there is more.

The majesty, the magnificence, the beauty, the awesome reality. The activity – so much more.

The only word that comes to mind is - Grace, the unmerited – unearned love of the One who surrounds us, journeys with us, for whom we want to live a live worthy of the invitation.

If I have the opportunity to meet you here on Earth, or already know you, Great!

If not, I’ll see you back home.

Live a Life Worthy of The Invitation!

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