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Updated: Apr 15, 2020


My first “Career Job,” was in Louisville, Kentucky, as a Casualty Underwriter, for, State Automobile, insurance. Accepting, rating, letters sent and received, sometimes rejecting applications submitted by licensed, Agents – the life of an underwriter.

It was a great experience.

After being called into active military duty and serving in Vietnam, I returned and continued my insurance career, this time with Sun Life of Canada, as a licensed, “Life and Health,” Agent.

I did very well.

Starting with Sun Life, in March of that year, made me eligible for the, “Rookie of The Year,” competition in the Louisville branch – which I won, and the same competition for the entire company the following year – which I won as well. Because of this success, I swiftly moved into and up through training positions, within the branch, where I was asked to work with newer Agents, building a team.

This went well.

My wife and I were soon invited to the International Home Office of Sun Life of Canada, in Montreal, Canada where I was appointed, Inspector of Agencies, for one division, then to a larger one, ultimately promoted to the position of Assistant Manpower Development Officer for the United States.

What a great time in our lives.

When the Home Office waved, Manpower Development Officer for the United States, in front of me, I pulled back believing, and stating, the company’s Branch Managers, would never listen to me until I had successfully been one myself. When the Louisville, Kentucky branch opened, soon thereafter, I convinced the company to send me back there.

We arrived back in Louisville with one Agent in the branch and three office staff. Three years later I was managing, southern Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Arkansas, with branches in Louisville, and Nashville, Tennessee.

What a wonderful time in our growing family.

Then God, reminded me of al old call into the Ordained Ministry – and after much thought, prayer, reflection and discussions, with several people – we agreed, my family agreed that is, and I resigned my position with Sun Life of Canada - and walked into the next phase of my life.

Back to college, seminary, and more education, serving churches - for twenty years - along the way, I wound up teaching, religion and business ethics, in colleges and universities for another -twenty plus years - writing online courses as well, until I felt God’s call back into insurance.

What a ride – so far.

Why insurance?

It’s a good question and deserves and honest answer.

For fifteen years, prior to entering the, Ordained Ministry my success in selling this product was evidence by the fact that I loved and believed in the product.

· What other product will pay off an entire mortgage - perhaps hundreds of thousands of dollars - with just one small monthly premium?

· What other product will hand a check, for immediate expenses, to a grieving family?

· Name one vehicle that will - for one monthly premium - provide a monthly income, each month - for years, to a family while the kids are growing up in order to maintain their style of living?

· What product will provide an income even after the kids have grown, moved away, an on their own?

· And what about medical expenses? Without medical supplemental insurance, we’d all be bankrupt.

So, I believe for thirty-five years, God, used my love for and desire to help people in the pulpit and classroom - there insurance or assurance was the main theme or product.

What a wonderful time.

Now, I’m being moved again.

Called again.

Back to a product I dearly love. There is no product like insurance.

If I can help you – take care of a need you have right now…

Or help plan for the future - let me know.

90%% of Homeowners do not have Mortgage Insurance!

I other words, when a loved one dies and leaves, the Mortgage will remain…and someone will have to pay it – or leave their home.

It’s where we will look first. Do you have adequate Mortgage Insurance? – or only an Accident Death policy that pays nothing unless you die accidentally.

If you are interested in making sure you have adequate Mortgage Insurance, or other coverage your wondering about, let me know. I’ll be glad to help.

Just send me an email.

So I’ll see you email right away, in the subject line of your email write:

“Dr. Bob Help!”

Then type what your insurance concerns are:

· Mortgage Insurance

· Immediate Expenses

· Long Term Care

· Annuity

· Other

Give me your name and contact phone number.


I’ll get back to you soon as possible.

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